Yo I'm Danielle and I'm 18. I love to play guitar and I love band members.

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******I’m not going to tag anyone cause I’m lazy haha. I’ll just answer the questions :)*********

1. Who is your favorite music artist/band?
Guns N’ Roses

2. Most embarrassing thing you have ever done??
I don’t think I have done anything that’s too embarrassing tbh.

3. Memory you would take back and reason why?
Most of 2013 tbh that was a seriously shit year

4. What is something that no one knows about you that you should tell right now?
Dunno haha

5. What do you do with your spare time?
Play guitar, listen to music

6. How many concerts have you been to?

7. vodka,beer,whiskey,wine?
I don’t really drink but I quite liked whiskey

8. What have you never tried before?
Lots of things I need to be more adventurous

9. Any interesting facts about yourself?
I want to be a musician :)

10. Do you enjoy your life?
Meh it’s alright.

Thanks man :)