did someone say old rockstars

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Answer all the questions you posted ;3

1: favorite band
Ok this is hard but I’m gonna say Steel Panther. They have just overtaken GNR for me.

2: favorite singer.
I don’t know if I can narrow it down to just one tbh.

3: favorite guitarist.
I have two: Slash & Satchel

4: favorite bassist.
Duff McKagan or maybe Nikki Sixx??

5: favorite drummer.
Steven Adler

6: a musician you have a crush on.
I have numerous crushes but the biggest one is Satchel ugh he’s so amazing

7: bands or musicians you’ve seen live.
Slash ft Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

8: your favorite song when you were 12.
Whatever was hip at the time idk haha

9: your favorite song when you were 15.
I think it was either estranged what it takes

10: your favorite song when you were 18.
Well I’m 18 now and I don’t have a favourite song. I can’t narrow it down haha.

11: your favorite song now.
See above.

12: a song that says something about your love life.
Lonely by Akon

13: a song you listen to when you’re sad.
Whatever comes up on shuffle

14: a song that makes you dance.
I don’t really dance much tbh haha

15: a powerful song.
Can’t think of one

16: a musician you’d like to meet.
Aw man there’s heaps of musicians I’d love to meet.

17: a song that is a collaboration of 2 or more artists you love.
Crucify the Dead - with Ozzy and Slash

18: favorite live dvd.
Haven’t got a favourite

19: oldest band / musician you listen to.
The Beatles? I don’t think I listen to anything older than that atm.

20: favorite classical composer.
I haven’t really listen to much but I would like to, so I can’t say.

21. a band/musician your friend(s) like(s), but you hate.

22: a band/musician that someone/something made you hate.

23: the musician you find the nicest.
Not sure tbh

24: the musician you find the most attractive looking
Omg there’s too many. Here’s a few: Satchel, Nikki, Sebastian ya know the list goes on.

25: favorite album(s).
All the Same - The Thornbirds, The Dark Side of the Moon, Appetite For Destruction, World on Fire. That’s just naming a few.

26: favorite song which lasts more than 10 minutes.
Shine on you Crazy Diamond

27: a song that always makes you cry.
I have never cried over a song

28: a song that feels like it’s made about you / for you.
Hmm not too sure

29: a song of one of your favorite bands/musicians that you’d show to someone to introduce the band/musician to them.
Glory hole

30: a band/musician you loved, but now can’t stand.
Tbh it’s the Dixie Chicks. I really don’t like country.

31: a band/musician you used to hate, but now love.

32: a band/musician who made you listen to the kind of music you like most. (first one of the kind that you heard)
I’m not too sure. It was a range of bands I think. Like GNR, Bon Jovi, Van Halen etc.

33: do you and your partner(s) / best friend(s) share music tastes?
Me and my dad like Van Halen. Mum likes Def Leppard?

35: a band / musician that made you meet someone you have loved.
Hasn’t happened

36: song(s) that would be theme songs for your life or parts of it.
Move to the City (I would love to move to L.A and I don’t know what else.

37: a band / musician you’d like to see live, but it’s never going to be possible.
The original line up of GNR

38: the favorite music cd / dvd(s) you own.
All the Same - The Thornbirds, Appetite for Destruction, all of my Steel Panther CDs.

39: an album you want to own.
There’s heaps.

40: do you own any vinyls?
Yup but they’re my parents. I’m just looking after then ;)

41: a concert you could have attended and wanted to attend, but something made you not go. (e.g. health issues, work)
Hasn’t happened.

42: a musician you wish hadn’t died.
John Bonham :((

43: a band / musician whose works helped you last through the day.
Steel Panther. Love those guys to bits xxx

44: a song you love to listen to when it snows.
It doesn’t snow where I live

45: a song you love to listen to when it rains.

46: a song that makes you smile.
Any Steel Panther song

47: a musician that shares similarities with you. (can be looks or personality or tastes)
Not sure

48: favorite song from a movie or favorite anime opening.

49: sure there is a language you don’t listen to music in, but you have this one song or band / musician that you like anyway. what’s that?
I don’t listen to any songs in a different language

50: the newest / youngest of the bands you like.

Steel Panther or Slashs solo band

51: your ringtone.
One of the presets probably

52: your phone alarm.
Cocaine and Caviar

53: a guilty pleasure song.

55: your favorite song in your mother language.
I speak English so idk??????

56: a song you listened to for laughs, but then actually loved it.

57: your favorite picture of one of your favorite bands.
I can’t add a photo - I’m on mobile

58: the song that is currently playing. if you’re not listening to any, the last song you listened to.
Can’t remember

59: a song that you just can’t stop humming / singing.
Whatever is stuck in my head tbh

60: your favorite love song.

Not sure

Sorry that took so long. There’s a lot of questions haha. Thanks! :)